Do you seek affordable medical surgery but find your health plan won’t cover it?

  • Are you considering medical tourism as  an alternative to health care options at home?
  • Are you on a waiting list for medical treatment?

  • Do you want control over your premiums and claims?

  • Do you have retired early to a EU country from the UK only to find out to be excluded form the country’s Health system?

We've got the answer to affordable medical surgery abroad - HOSPITALMEMBERSHIP!

Why GlobalMedTravels?

GlobalMedTravels (GMT) is the only medical travel agency to offer affordable hospital membership packages that include coverage of medical services of a Western Joint Commission accredited medical facility.

GMT specializes as an international medical tourism services consultancy facilitated to North American, UK, and international patients, seeking affordable medical procedures, surgery, and treatment abroad.

GMT designed a unique membership package which includes coverage to access comprehensive medical services at a Western European Joint Commission accredited hospital.

Our objective is to address the needs of over 130,000 citizens of the United States, over 18,000 Canadians, and, thousands of patients from the U.K. who, every year, are seeking medical treatment abroad at affordable rates.

Medical travel basically comes with only one option. A quote from a hospital abroad that leaves the patient with a rate for just one (1) medical treatment or procedure.

With the introduction of the HOSPITALMEmbership package our clients will never have to worry again about the coverage for one or multiple treatments, long waiting times, or, extended surgery schedules.

Clients who are scheduled for a medical procedure in the near future or simply wish toward off future medical uncertainties but without being exposed to ‘stiff’ medical bills for a single procedure only, now, are provided with an alternative option only offered by GMT.

Our motto ‘No Patient Left Behind’ describes our own dream for every patient. And the motto ‘No Patient Left Behind’ put into action offers membership packages that, at both levels, include coverage of medical fees and services generated as a result of hospitalization at a fixed rate.

Comprehensive membership packages are available at a Standard and Premium level. Affordable dues to include, at both, the Standard and Premium level, an insurance coverage for internal prosthesis, a $15,000 value.

At the Premium level a comprehensive yearly check-up / health assessment ($1,900 value) and specialized outpatient treatments such as chemotherapy  and radiotherapy are available.

Our partner is a private Joint Commission accredited hospital with 1,900 members of medical staff, 450 doctors, and, rated the best hospital facility of the decade in the country of origin.

Our Standard and Premium membership packages offer a variety of information and advice for travel abroad and come with a hospitalization policy to cover your stay and medical treatment at the hospital with the guarantee of the most advanced medical and cutting edge technological services available.

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Our affordable and inclusive Standard and Premium Level membership packages include affordable health care programs to affirm our motto ,No Patient Left Behind.'

How much will a traditional treatment cost? And what savings can I expect with Medical Tourism vs. a Hospitalmembership?

Medical Treatment Approx. cost Approx. Cost  S.E. Asia Savings GMT US/UK vs. Asia Hospital Membership Additional Savings with Membership
Heart Bypass ( U.S. Hospital) $120,000+ $19,000 $101,000 $5,850-P $13,125
Hip Replacement ( U.S. Hospital) $43,000 $12,000 $31,000 $3,475-S $ 8,125
Knee Replacement ( U.S. Hospital) $35,000 $13,000 $22,000 $3,475-S $9,125
(UK Private Care)          
Hip Replacement £ 9,000 £ 6,000 £ 3,000 £ 2,950-P £ 3,050
Knee Replacement £ 10,500 £ 6,500 £ 4,000 £ 2,950-P £ 3,550
Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting £ 15,000 £ 9,500 £ 5,500 £ 2,950-P £ 6,550

HOSPITALMEmbership Levels (S=Standard, P=Premium) view Membership Application, ex airfare, hospitalization included.

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Medical Standards of Excellence

Our medical facilities and hospitals are the finest worldwide which combine scientific progress and comprehensive, cutting-edge technology with innovative one-stop medical services with Joint Commission accreditation and numerous awards of medical excellence.

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